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Edenton Lighthouse, Edenton NCDuke Chapel, Duke University, Durham NCHunt Library - NC State UniversityMichigan Plaza - Chicago, ILChurch of San ildefonso, New MexicoPritzker Pavillion, ChicagoChicago  Skyline and SculptureJay Pritsker Pavilion - ChicagoDuke Chapel, Duke University, Durham NCJay Pritsker Pavilion - ChicagoChurch near Booneville, ARSacred Heart Catholic Church, Park KSAqua - ChicagoSacred Heart Catholic Church, Park KS5th Street Church, Fort Smith, AROak Hill Church, Southern MissouriWindsor Ruins, Port Gibson, MSBethel Presbyterian Church, Alcorn, MSHearst Castle, CaliforniaStore Front Gallery - Montreal

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